Qatar Airways new Economy Class

Economy class has long been the forgotten brethren of the airline industry. While airlines focus on making fantastic improvements to their business and first class cabins, resulting in some fantastic innovations, economy just sits there at the back with little investment. Qatar Airways have decided to buck the trend and have recently unveiled their first

Pripyat, Ukraine

On a frigid winters day in Ukraine I am awoken at some ungodly hour by my alarm. I’ve only slept a few hours in excitement at today’s proceedings. I open the curtains and look out over Kiev’s beautiful skyline, lit a wonderful hue of orange by the rising sun. ‘Why you want city view?’ the

Finding New Tracks

I climbed out of the taxi and entered the small but barren railway station at Chesterfield. The place felt different on a Sunday, stressed commuters and sales people gave way to elderly people travelling home from visiting family, or families heading out for a day shopping. Previously, I was one of them. I was usually