inflight Video create full length flight videos that push the boundaries of possibility, to bring the most immersive and complete experience of flight to aviation fans, travelers and aspiring travelers around the world.

Our videos are enjoyed by a large audience, and are particularly popular with:

  • Frequent Flyers
  • Aspiring Travelers
  • Aviation fans

We have worked with a variety of airlines, travel companies, hotels and tech companies to feature their products in our videos.  We are very flexible and can incorporate your product into our videos in many ways to suit you.

  • Airline Feature
    • Your airline will be the focus of one of our full-length flight video and vlogs. This is popular with airlines that would like to be featured by inflight Video.  We’ve worked with airlines from around the world to showcase their services in a unique way.   This is a great way to showcase your product for a low cost.
  • Product Placement
    • Featuring your product in our full-length flight videos and our travel vlogs. Popular with hotels, airlines and airport services companies such as airport lounges and transfer services. Links are placed in the video, with cards overlaid on the video with an external link to your preferred website when your product is featured.  In the past, we’ve worked with airport hotels and airport services companies.
  • Product Review
    • We will make your product the focus of one of our videos. This could be in the form of an unboxing and review video for your tech product, or making your product the focus of one of our behind the scenes vlogs (The World’s Best Airport Hotel, The Best Airport Lounge in Europe).
  • Social Media Link/Sharing
    • We will feature your product on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed with a photo and a link to your product. We could offer a discount for our followers to incentivize them to click through, or give away one of your products.  This is great for online outlets or aviation related stores such as model stores, memorabilia stores etc.

Download our Media Deck for more information on how we can help promote your brand.

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